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The skaters and coaches of the club work very hard throughout the year and this show gives them the opportunity to showcase the skills they have acquired.


This is just a reminder to be at the dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 12th at 5 p.m.

It is MANDATORY that all skaters in the carnival attend!

The purpose of the dress rehearsal is for the opportunity to rehearse all skating numbers one last time. This is our chance to work out any kinks before the performance on Friday night.

In order for this final rehearsal to run smoothly and on time, we ask that ALL SKATERS be at the arena by 4:30 p.m. as the rehearsal on the ice will begin at 5p.m SHARP. Please note that COSTUMES ARE REQUIRED for this rehearsal. We will be running this rehearsal in the same order as the Friday night carnival to ensure that we are all prepared for the big show. An ‘order of skate’ will be posted on the dressing room doors so you will know in what order your child(ren) will rehearse. Once all group numbers have completed their run-through, we will rehearse the group finale number therefore skaters will be expected to stay until 6:30pm.

Parents! When you arrive at 4:30pm, please check in with your Group Leader (signs will be posted on the dressing room doors as to which room your skaters should go into.)

After you have taken your child(ren) and the costumes to the dressing room for the dress rehearsal, please leave the dressing room and go upstairs. The Group Leaders will handle it from there. It gets too crowded if all the parents stay downstairs. All the skaters will be sitting in their groups in their designated area in the bleachers for the dress rehearsal as well as the carnival. We ask that your skaters stay with their Group Leader during the entire dress rehearsal as they will all be on the ice again for the finale and need to be in order. Once the rehearsal/performance is over (including the finale), you are welcome to come down and get your skater.

Just a reminder to make sure your skaters have labelled skate guards as they will be sitting in the stands when they are not performing. You may also want to send a blanket as well. This is something you can send with your child or you, as a group, can arrange this together.

Carnival is Friday, March 13th at 7:00pm. Please have all skaters there by 6:00pm. We need this time to get the costumes on and be prepared so we can start on time. We believe the performance will be about 1 hour in length. This is your child’s chance to show off and perform for family and friends, so please bring them along to watch. There will also be raffles and draws available that evening with proceeds going towards the club.

The same guidelines for the dress rehearsal will be followed for our Carnival performance!

If you have any questions, please contact the club at

Thank you in advance for your co-operation! The more organized we can be at the dress rehearsal, the better our Carnival Performance will be!







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